Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Losing It

It's been a minute since I have posted. My bad! I got over my illness from a few weeks ago and got very busy at work. Other than work all I have really been doing is keeping my exercise up. I have done very well with that. I also have been REALLY changing my eating habits. I have been on a detox for the last week and a half which has worked wonders for the way I feel. I was off sugar, caffiene & all meat for the first 9 days. Now I can have caffiene (just a little) and meat. I did start drinking coffee again, but no meat. I am really enjoying the no meat thing. Not to say I'll never again eat anything that had a mother. I am sure I will, but very limited I think. I have been eating a lot of brown rice, beans, veggies, fruit and tofu. I know what you are thinking. Toufu?! Beans?! EWWWW! but I am kind of a weird eater anyway. I like tofu & beans. It is primarily a whole foods diet. I got this diet plan from Dr. Ian Smith's Fat Smash Diet book. It is easy to follow and sets you up for a lifetime of healthy eating. A lot of people at work are on Weight Watchers, which is great, but i am also more of a health food/ healthy lifestyle person rather than just a dieter. The people on Weight Watchers don't necessarily eat all that well. I think some people do what is being called the "Junk Food Diet." It is all about the artificial sweetner and 100 calorie pack. So, anyway I am down a total of 15 pounds! Whoo hoo! Uh huh! Whoo hoo! I have also been in the gym like 4-5 times per week so I am getting fit & toned too. I will be in my sexy clothes before too long!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am sick

I have been sick for the pass couple of days. I have missed work for a few days. I got a lot of rest yesterday and today and now I think I am all better. I may still be a little weak, but I think I can make it to work the rest week.

I have also missed the gym since Sunday, which sucks. I have been on a really good roll. I lost another 1.5 pounds for a total weight loss of 10 pounds in 4 weeks. I am super psyched about that! I also lost several inches off of my waist, hips and breast so far. I can fit several things I have not been able to get into for quite sometime. This makes me happy. Very happy!