Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One trick pony

All I seem to blog about is my weight loss escapade. I feel like a one trick pony. Oh well! That is the most exciting thing going on in my life right now. I started March 9 & I am now down 21 pounds in 3 months! I can fit a lot of my skinny(er) clothes now. I am in a weird in between place though right now. I am not quite small enough for my really small clothes, but I am too small for my big girl clothes. I think another 10-15 pounds & I will be able to get into my small clothes. Until then I am going to need some in between things that can take me through the summer.

My exercise has been going really well. I am doing about 2-2.50 miles on the treadmill in interval training. I mix it up between a fast walk and a jog and also add in slower paced hills. I also have been doing the elliptical machine. I have done a few classes at my gym like body pump, which is weight lifting exercises. I tried awesome abs, which is just like it sounds, nothing but abs exercises. It was pretty killer! I also have been doing weight training on my own which is pretty good. I am posting a new pic of me here:
Me on the waterfront

This is me and my friend Kim from this past weekend in Georgetown.

Me & Kim causing a scene