Friday, July 6, 2007

à deux ailes

Lois Photo shoot!

One cool thing about delving into the world of design is all the cool people you meet along the way. I met Lois of "à deux ailes" on myspace of all places! Lois is from France, but speaks great English. She friended me on myspace & we started chatting on myspace regularly. She tells me about the breaking into the jewelry design scene in France & I tell her about how it is in the States. We even did a jewelry exchange.! I sent her a Double Slink lariat (seen below)

Lilly wearing the Slink Lariat

& she sent me one something like this:

Necklace by a deux ailes

Lois & I have been friends now for several months rooting on one another from across the pond!
You can see more of Lois' work at

Lois the beauty!

Here is Lois again...isn't she beautiful?!

Until next time...

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