Thursday, February 21, 2008

Computer issue :( ...Cooking :)

I have not blogged in a few days because beloved Apple MacBook's powercord has been destroyed! I have to get a new one right away, but they are quite expensive so I must wait a bit. That's the bad news, but the good news is my cooking. I have been making some marvelpus meals lately. My hubby, Troy, has been thrilled with all of the great food I have been making lately.

My last post on 02/17 was about the food I was going to make that night. I did end up making the apple fritters. They turned out really good! Troy couldn't get enough of them.

I also made red beans & rice & fried chicken. The chicken was so yummy. Troy said it was my best ever, and that is a lot coming from him!

You see the beautiful golden color? The secret to always getting a beautiful golden color is to add a few dashes of hot sauce to the egg mixture before dipping the chicken in flour. I got that tip from my mother who got it from a woman (God rest her soul) from the deep south! It works every time.

I made all of this food on 02/17/08. Then on 02/18 I made fajitas. I don't eat steak, but my family loves it, hence the 2 pots cooking fajitas!

I just used a McCormick powered mix which was quick & easy, but delicious. If you only have 20 minutes to make a meal try these fajitas with frozen stir fry vegtables. This meal was gobbled up by my boys & it only took me 20 min. to cook it!


Shayne said...

Of *course* you made fried chicken ;)

EricaBurnsDesigns said...

Yeah, I gotta represent & make fried chicken, but you see I made fajitas too & I am clearly not Mexican! I try to mix it up. But I was glad when I had a new Jewish friend because I thought you would make Mazzo Ball Soup. How come you never make Mazzo Ball Soup? You need to become a better Jew!

Shayne said...

I tried making Matzoh Balls once. I ended up with loose matzoh. I do make pretty good chicken noodle soup.

A couple weeks ago Randy and I had dinner at a local diner. He had Matzoh Ball soup and I had a bagel with lox. Super jews!