Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pushing it through on Valentine's Day

Today we had a Valentine's Day Luncheon at work. It was nice & I ate way too much sugar, but it's a day for sweets so I think it was ok! Well before the luncheon we had a unit meeting & I literally had to excuse my self from the room for a few minutes to go out in the hall to laugh. My supervisor (who runs the meeting) uses all of these little sayings to describe things & it just cracks me up! She says you need to "push it through" CHESSIE. SIDE NOTE ***CHESSIE is our computer program we use to record all services*** Then she said when the "validations pop" we need to make sure we need to make sure we validate them in CHESSIE. Then this other man joined in & said if we made any mistakes he would "back it out" for us. At some point in June they are going to pay our vendors through CHESSIE so my supervisor describes this as "when they flick the switch in June." I was so tickled that I could not stop giggling to myself. I guess it did not help that each time one of them said these things I repeated them to the person beside me & wrote them down. The girls on either side of me were cracking up! Then as a grand finale to say that the State of MD (my employer) was not going to let us fill one of our vacancies she said they abolished the position. Then when we all kind of laughed & said "they did what with the position" she said well I don't know if abolished is the right word but they "snatched" the position. Boy that woman cracks me up! I am still cracking up as I write this. If you don't get any of this I guess you kind of have to know the players, but believe me it was freaking funny!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


Shayne said...

"Back it out" is my favorite :)

EricaBurnsDesigns said...

LOL! I still laugh when I read this. This is totally like Office Space or The Office.