Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter, Work & Stuff

It's still freaking snowing, icing, raining... doing something miserable out there! Have I mentioned that I really dislike this weather? It is times like this that I wish I lived someplace very warm & pleasant, like Hawaii or Key West. Ah, the warmth, the water, the wind... But for now I am stuck here in this frozen tundra! Well at least I don't live in Wisconsin or Minnisota or North Dakota.

Hardly anyone bothered to come to work today. I am glad because I got a parking space in the lot even though I got here at 9AM. Whoo hoo! I never get to park in the lot. If you don't get here by 7:30 you have to find a park on the street somewhere, which is usually a few blocks away.

My "Secret Pal" at work (which is basically like a Secret Santa but all year) has been really good to me so far. I already got a 2 weeks of dress down paid for by my Secret Pal & a bag full of goodies for Valentine's Day! Me on the other hand... I have done nothing for my secret pal. I need to step it up! Well I have work to do so gotta go! PEACE!

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