Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My mutts

Last night I got some rare alone time at home. My husband was in class, my kids went to the YMCA with their grandmother & that left little ol' me home alone (except for my two dogs Lola & Bella & my son's guinea pig Vicious). I really can't say I did much with this time. I basically sat around and listened to Lola crying the whole time because she wanted to go too. What a brat! Here is a picture of Lola & Bella doing what they do best.

They typically lay around all day and look out the window or sleep. Sometimes one of them gets in heat & they try to hump each other. I really never knew female dogs did that. I thought that was something only nasty little horny studs do, but I guess the bitches gotta have some fun too!

The funniest thing is my sons call them lesbians because of this behavior! I tell them that since they are half sisters they are actually incestual lesbians. I'm sayin'. They need to get it right!

Bella watching TV? Lazy mutt!


Shayne said...

Awww! Does Lola miss me?

EricaBurnsDesigns said...

I am prety sure Lola was dreaming about you in this picture!