Monday, March 10, 2008

Something to weigh in on...

I am currently in the process of trying to knock off some weight. I have been thinking about it for awhile, but sometimes it can be such a daunting task. That I hate to even think about all of the work that it takes to lose weight. Back in 2003 I successfully lost about 40 pounds. I felt great & looked great. I lost the weight by getting a personal trainer (very expensive) and eating very well. I only kept the trainer for about 3 months to get on track & then I was fine. Exercise was a habit. Something I just felt that I had to do to feel good. I actually started to enjoy it. I would run into the same people at the gym & you start to kind of root each other on after awhile. I was able to maintain this weight loss give or take 5-10 pounds for 2 years. Then in 2005 I tripped down some stairs and sprained my ankle really bad. I had to wear a "boot" (air cast) for like 6 months. Well, that really put a monkey wrench in my work out plan! So for the past 3 years I have been steadily increasing my weight to gain back all of the 40 pounds plus another 10 for good measure! Dammit! I keep thinking about how much work that was to lose that weight. Now I have to start all over plus an extra 10. Actually the 40 did not even put me at my goal weight so in total I really need to lose like 82 pounds to get to my goal! That is like a whole person! I am actually embarrassed to put that number in black in white for the world to see, but it is what it is.

There are a lot of people at work that are on weight watchers. That is kind of helpful since you have people who are constantly counting up the point value of everything. I don't think I can be a card carrying member of weight watchers, but I do like the idea of a lifestyle that does not require me to give up bread and eat only meat. Or a diet that requires me to give up all sweets forever. So for the past few days I have sort of used the point system to control my eating for the day. The first few days I was going way over what I should have for the day. But I looked at a few great websites that help you see the points values for various foods like this one. There are also sites like this one that tell you all about the system.

In addition, I have a gym membership ( I've had it for almost a year actually ) at Fitness First that I started using again yesterday. I put in about 30 min. on the elliptical trainer for starters. I also plan to go walk around at lunch when I can & maybe walk in the evenings or go to the gym some evenings. I used to lift when I had my trainer so I will also be getting back into that too. My trainer did a great job of teaching me what to do so I know what to do . I just need to get off of my big ass & do it! Speaking of which I need to go take my afternoon walk. Peace!

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