Saturday, March 8, 2008

Antiquing+ cheering on co-workers= My Friday

Yesterday during lunch I went to a few antique shops in downtown Frederick. It was raining, but still only a short walk so I braved the weather & walked around a few stores. I went to one store called Chiffon which is a few blocks away. It was a nice store, but a bit pricey. Next I went to Emporium Antiques. First of all the store is HUGE! It covers like an entire block easily. They have everything from furniture to old Life mags to antique clocks. No joke, if you are looking for something unique you will certainly find it here! I walked around that store for most of the hour lunch break. I found a ton of things I would have loved to take with me, but I settled on a few things I thought would add a great touch to my home. I got this bird hanger.

It is so sweet looking & I am sure I can find the perfect place for it. I also got this cute little owl that seems to peer through to the soul. I love him already!

Finally I got this milk glass cake plate. I made some St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes (boy are they good) & placed them on it! I did not ice them yet in this pic, but you get the idea.

When I went back to work my co-worker Kristen had completed her desk cleaning. She works really hard, as such, her little pod gets papers all over the place. This is her looking oh so happy after getting it all cleaned up. Yay Kristen! She is the sweetest girl!


Shayne said...

Oooooh, I love the bird thingie. Lucky girl!

EricaBurnsDesigns said...

Thanks! I love the little birdies too. They are super cute!